We purchase steel

iron cast and non-ferrous metal scrap (copper, brass, bronze, zinc, lead, aluminum) with a possibility to receive scrap from the location indicated by the customer.

Our branches in Dębica, Rzeszów, Mielec and Sędziszów Małopolski have squares with a large surface area which allows storing scrap of various sizes. Each location has large storage facilities which allow efficient processes of cutting and segregation of scrap metal.

We have machines to segregate and process scrap metal as well as an appropriate number of containers with various capacity. Our employees provide knowledge and experience at each stage of cooperation with customers. All these elements affect efficient and professional operations of each purchase point.


In the interests of the satisfaction of our business partners, modern technological solutions in transport and technical purchase service constitute our priorities. We determine chemical composition of scrap metal we purchase using an X-ray spectrometer. We also have a modern system to test scrap metal considering its radioactivity both in rail transport and vehicle transport.

Weight of scrap metal is determined using electronic weighing scales ensuring high precision measurement. Efficient logistic is ensured by our own fleet of vehicles consisting of vehicles equipped with hydraulic truck cranes (HTC) and adjusted for loading of mobile shear balers for metal processing. We are among only few companies with their own railway siding.

Efficient stationary service, honesty and field mobility constitute our priorities in customer service

Steel scrap in the assortment

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Non-ferrous metal scrap

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brass scrap

bronze scrap

zinc scrap

lead scrap

aluminum scrap

alloy steel scrap

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Eiffel Towers could be built of scrap metal purchased by us


billion cans could be made from the aluminum we bought


million tapes could be produced from the brass we bought


million A4 paper could be produced from recycled paper acquired by us