One hectare of deciduous forest can produce about 700 kg of oxygen. This constitutes daily demand of more than 2,500 people.


One lightly dripping tap spills about 36 liters of water per day. Leaky flush in the toilet causes a leak of around 720 liters of water per day – annually 260 m3 of water.


In Poland, 400 million aluminum cans are used each year. They can be processed and used infinitely many times. Six scrap cans save the energy equal to burning one liter of fuel.


One liter of used engine oil poured into a river or sewer can contaminate 1 million liters of water!


Every day, every big city in Poland sends 100 waste trucks to a landfill site.


Re-processing a stack of newspapers with a height of 125 cm saves a six-meter pine tree. Production of 1 ton of paper requires cutting down 17 trees.


Each ton of recovered waste paper will save 1,200 liters of water needed to produce paper.


Each 100 kg of paper mean two medium sized trees – one tree produces oxygen sufficient for up to 10 people per year.


Approximately 2 million birds and water mammals are killed worldwide due to swallowing plastic waste dumped into seas and oceans.

Protect the environment with mEtKOm

Use both pages of a sheet of paper to write or draw – this is how you can protect trees.
Turn off the light when leaving the room, turn off the equipment (TV, computer) when you stop using it – this is how you save energy.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, choose to have a short shower rather than a bath. Pay attention to tightening taps – this is how you save water.


Say something when others are littering – this is how you take care of cleanliness of our common surroundings.

Segregate waste at home. Speak about this with your family and friends. Segregated waste provides raw materials which can be recovered.

Use ecological means of transport as much as possible. If you have a short distance ahead of yourself, walk or ride a bike – this way the air we breathe will be cleaner.


When you go shopping, take your own shopping bag – this was you limit use of plastic bags.


Pay attention to the products you purchase, read labels, look at marks presenting a possibility to re-use the packaging.


If you have objects you do not use at home, instead of discarding them, consider if someone else will not need them – this way you will make someone happy and simultaneously, you will protect the environment.

Do you have waste paper, cardboard boxes or foil at home

– bring it to us!